Tuesday, 6 November 2012

drawing session

Finally back to the drawing board.

Quick sketch trying to warm myself up for the day a head. Hopefully will keep it up.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

speed Painting 26

1hr session

Man oh man... had a pretty bad painting week this week but on the final day i was determined to get a good result. Did it happen? well... it was ok i guess, would of loved to do more to this after the session but life just doesn't want to slow down and give me a moment.

Thought i would leave my arrows in there to give you a sense of my thinking process. The arrows are to indicate where the light is coming from. Sometimes i forget, and sometimes there are so many light sources arrows help to keep note on where the light is coming from. (BIG Arrow for main light small arrows for smaller light sources. Only one light source on this picture.)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

speed Painting 25

1hr painting with the guys.

not in love with this in the slightest but another day another painting. Tried painting without any line work not sure i like the process there are anatomy issues but you live and you learn. 

Speed Painting 24

1hr session

by myself. ha ha

speed Painting 23

1hr painting 

With the guys Nathan, Max, Chris

This is speed painting 21 (i think i missed one)

I think i've been missing days on the session or have been falling asleep before posting them, and i found this speed painting i did on friday and didn't post. I think after this painting i wanted to finishes it off but didn't get the chance to.

So here it is guy the final session of the western theme.

1hr session with MAX, NATHAN and CHRIS

Thought on this one is that i like the pallet just wish i could of finished or got more detail in to. The beast i'm facing with all this session is speed. 

'i'll catch you next time gadget' (from inspector gadget) ha ha